Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DR is a slave driver

thought i would update you on my progress in training for the 5K in october. i started out by mapping a course through the neighborhood. beautiful weather, beautiful puppy(one year old named bunny), and brand new running shoes. so off we'd go every night after dinner. i didn't think it seemed that hard to walk so i started to run a little....very little. i would run about 30 seconds every 5 minutes. that seemed pretty hard. as much as i like to walk with bunny, i found she was a little less focused on my training than i hoped. she would stop to visit all her dog friends and managed to entice a few of them to break free of their invisible fences. she would chase bunnies. she would greet all walkers and bikers along the way. so since this wasn't taxing me too much, i decided to enlist DR to train me.
last night we went to the local high school track. he told me each lap was a quarter mile. i thought no big deal. after the first lap, i thought, well maybe this is a little longer than i thought and i better pick up my pace. so i decided to run the 100m straight aways. after DR lapped me twice the first half mile, i decided to show him how fast i could be. i started timing myself on the 100's. when all was said and done, i finished the 5K in 45minutes. i didn't think that was so bad. i was drenched in sweat. Dr had like one bead of sweat on his forehead. i drank 2 bottles of water and crawled to the car. DR had to drive home i was so weak! when my alarm went off for work, chris had to practically lift me out of bed. every bone in my body ached. i bought some icy hot today. i'm thinking about having my favorite orthopod, paulie fenton, inject all the joints in my body before my next run.
my exercise addicted sons keep telling me it will get easier and i will look forward to running. i don't think they know me very well. i think they are out of their minds! but i will train for this run. i figure i have a few months.....i wish they had a 1K for the people with the disease and the healthy ones could run the 5K!
i'll keep you posted