Wednesday, June 10, 2009

setting another goal

may 30,2009

graduation has come and gone. i had another clean (YES!) Cat scan on may 28. i've decided it's time to set another goal. pat and dr have challenged me to run the 5K for the Hirshberg Foundation in LA in October. i'm not sure they remember how old i am, and i'm not telling. also, i've never been a runner. my only claim to fame is that i held (briefly) two national records in swimming....i was 10 years old. so in other words, i peaked at 10 and haven't done a noteworthy thing since!

dr thought he'd help me by setting up a workout schedule for me. so i started walking the route he set up for me. i thought i was doing great. i would take my favorite dog, bunny, lace up my shoes and head out. i didn't think it was hard at all. it only took about 40 minutes on my first walk and each day i got faster. i guess i got too fast because Dr asked what route i was doing. when i told him he started laughing.....what i thought was actually 3 miles was only 1.6 miles! it's not as much fun now and i'm really slow. every now and then, i run for about a minute. the next morning chris has to help me out of bed. i wish i hadn't told everybody that i was training for this race......


  1. Nancy, your LA fan base is growing, we can't wait to meet you and run the race with you in October! We are also working up to 1.6 miles right now :) -Jackie, Sarah, and Anne

  2. jackie,

    i have a feeling i'm going to be the oldest and the slowest on the team. i'm thinking of walking the first 2.5 miles, then sprinting across the finish line! you think that works?


  3. Absolutely! I will probably be crawling the last 0.5 miles, so that will even us out, we will finish at the same time...good plan!

  4. Just keep eating that delicious homemade granola for all the energy you'll need to make it through the 5K! By the end of the summer 3 miles will feel like 1.6 - you can do it!

    Guess I should add this race to my list since I'll be in the neighborhood!

    - Leah

  5. i'm counting on you, leah!

  6. leah....that was my comment not john's. i don't know how i managed to use his profile.

    had a great time at your house last night. my boys want to start acting more italian. what i think they really want is for me to act like antonette and wait on them hand and foot!

    we need to go see your dad's band play. the accordian was awesome!!!


  7. PANTS!!!!!!!!!! how's , training?

    coming back next week to make sure it is still on track for the 5k with all your biggest supporters! Can't wait to be back for a full week. Hopefully twice baked potatoes are on the POR diet!!!