Monday, August 3, 2009

i'm training.....HARD!

now that john and dr have deserted me in my efforts to train, i'm on my own. so 3 or 4 days a week i find myself at the local high school track trying my hardest to run a 5K. so far i can run a 2.5K and i walk the other 2.5. one of the biggest obstacles i have encountered is keeping track of how many laps i've done! i know, i know, i'm a little senile. so now i walk in the numbered lanes. at first i thought i was just getting faster, then i figured out i was losing count.
in the beginning, dr had me running the straight away 100's. i got to the point where i could do that without much difficulty. and the farther i went the easier it was. then i started runninng 150 and walking 50. then my knee started swelling. so i whined to the orthopods that i work with and they injected it. it was pretty sore for a couple days, but now i'm back on track. on sunday i actually ran a 200 without stopping. i just wish i could run the whole lap without walking at all. my progress is so slow that i'm a little discouraged. remember, i was never a runner. i just had another birthday so i'm getting closer to a hundred, and no Pat, i do not find this addictive!!! in fact i feel like i'm going to have a stroke out there.
jt, aka chris amato, went to work out with me last weekend. i thought, oh good, he's even older than me and he's always whining that his hip hurts. so i start sprinting on my first straight away 100 and when i start walking he keeps running....for 2 miles straight. yikes!
i'll keep working at it, but i welcome any advice. i really want to run the whole 5K in october.
just a reminder.....on august 23 we leave for johns hopkins for another scan. i am having the scan on monday august 24 at 10 am. say an extra prayer that day. if i'm clean i can get another vaccine booster. i'm starting to have my usual melt down that occurs before a scan. i know worrying won't change anything, but i still worry. this is a HUGH scan. if i'm clean it will be my 3 year anniversary since diagnosis. nothing short of miraculous. and i have all of you to thank for all the love, prayers, and support. you are the best!

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  1. go get 'em nancy! dont be discouraged, everyone is rooting for you!

    xo annie