Monday, August 10, 2009

There might be some PROGRESS!

It's summer in Ohio and I'm a whining. I didn't work today so i thought I better run early. I was at the track at 8:30 am and it was already sunny, 90 degrees, and muggy. Not my favorite weather. I'm so tired with this heat and humidity that i took coffee with me instead of water. Not a very good idea. I was panting like Bunny after a half mile.

I decided its time to really start pushing myself. So I started off running a 200m. I was trying to make the whole lap but just couldn't. So I ran 1 minute, then walked 1 minute. That's a lot harder than it sounds especially if you're over 40 (or in my case 50). Well I did the whole 5K doing the walk/run. A lot of you know that i don't like to sweat. Boy, did i ever sweat. It was disgusting. Good thing i don't have leather seats in my car...i would have slid over to the passenger side.

I really didn't feel bad doing it even though it was pretty hard for me. I'm glad i was alone....if i had to carry on a conversation with someone i would have collapsed. Now if i can just get rid of the cramping in my hip and legs....never had that before. I'm sure chris amato will give me a massage tonight. If i can stay awake until he gets home that is.

I sent out some emails for donations for the run. Over a thousand dollars in 2 days!!! You are amazing. I am so thankful for your support. Team Nancy Pants is awesome and i know we're going to win!

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